The 'Havana Banana' Collection from Kodanska

A Tribute to Colors and Unique Designs

At Kodanska, they are proud to present new masterpieces, the exclusive 'Havana Banana' collection. This unique series of mouth-blown bowls is of the highest quality and exudes a distinctive and original expression that will catch everyone's attention.

To create the 'Havana Banana' collection, each bowl is crafted with care and expertise. It all starts with the colors being mixed manually and silver dust carefully sprinkled into the glass, resulting in a brilliant and unique effect. Each bowl is then mouth blown, shaped, rounded and cut by skilled glassblowers who bring their craft to life.

What really makes the 'Havana Banana' collection unique is that it comes in five different colours, each with their own unique combination of colours, patterns and expression. You can choose between Banana Green, Cotton Candy, Banana Split, Blue Lagoon and Banana Pink. Whichever color you choose, each bowl will be a harmonious, cheerful and colorful addition to your table setting.

We are also excited to say that the 'Havana Banana' collection is suitable for the dishwasher when run on the gentle glass programme. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of these glass bowls for a long time to come, without compromising on their quality and appearance.

Explore our website to experience the full beauty and diversity of the 'Havana Banana' collection. Let yourself be seduced by the colors, the distinctive design and the craftsmanship that make these bowls true works of art. Whether you want to treat yourself or are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, the 'Havana Banana' collection from Kodanska is sure to impress.

Let your senses explore the world of color and design with the 'Havana Banana' collection from Kodanska. Create unforgettable moments at your table and give your decor a touch of unique and colorful details. The 'Havana Banana' collection is a statement about your personal style and taste for aesthetics. Experience it today and be enchanted by this exclusive collection of mouth-blown bowls.

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