The Flow collection from Kodanska

Dive into a world of colorful and artistic interior design with the unique 'Flow' collection from Kodanska. These glass creations are not only beautiful, but they are also the result of a playful approach to design. Inspired by broken glass and fabric scraps, each piece develops into unique patterns, stripes or graphic designs. Let's explore this collection and see how 'Flow' can bring joy and aesthetic beauty to your home.

Colorful playful approach to design

Discover the magic behind the 'Flow' collection's colorful approach to interior design. The colors are not chosen at random, but created through a process of broken glass and recycled fabric scraps. Each glass develops into unique patterns that add life and personality to the room. With 'Flow' you can create a playful and artistic atmosphere in your home.

Designer Marie Graff's source of inspiration

Learn about the designer behind the 'Flow' collection, Marie Graff, who was inspired by the expression 'go with the flow'. She has experimented with the unpredictability of glass art and materials such as broken glass and fabric scraps. These experiments led to the creation of the 'Flow' Mini Vase and the establishment of Kodanska, which began in the Czech Republic during Marie and her family's stay there.

Options for Composition

Discover the different possibilities for combining the 'Flow' Mini Vase with other pieces from the collection. From Flow Vase and Carafe to Flow Longdrink and Flow Tumbler, you can create an inspiring and aesthetic universe by mixing and matching colors and designs across the collections. Let your creativity flow freely and create a unique expression in your home.

Remarkable Uniqueness

Please note that each of the products in the 'Flow' series is mouth-blown in the Czech Republic and consists of three layers of glass. This means that the color intensity, pattern and overall expression of each and every product will be unique. You thus get an exclusive and personal work of art that stands out and adds character to your home.

The playful 'Flow' collection from Kodanska offers an aesthetic and colorful addition to your home. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique design created from broken glass and recycled fabric scraps, which develop into beautiful patterns and stripes. Explore the possibilities of composition and create your own artistic universe. Note the remarkable uniqueness of each product in the 'Flow' series and let it be an exclusive work of art that highlights your personal style.

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