interior is lively and timeless design – Because your everyday life must be beautiful!

interior is ceramic - handmade for you.

  • For every occasion, because not every day is the same.
  • With clean lines and colors that allow order and tidy chaos.
  • Sophisticated, robust and easy to maintain.
  • Made by hand and regionally in Germany, because short distances and sustainability are not only good for the climate.

Marianne is the founder and product designer of indre, and she tells...

Marianne, you set two clear conditions for each product and for yourself.

"It must be honest and beautiful. No chichi. For the product, this means that it must be timeless and simple, that it must be practical and made with honest craftsmanship. For me, that means following clear lines, being fair and authentic."

Where do the ideas come from?

"My surroundings primarily inspire me: colours, shapes, moods and everyday situations. I also love Scandinavian simplicity, the Nordic style. I try to collect it in my designs. Always with the premise: It must be functional, honest and beautiful and at the same time affordable.

When my ceramic products bring joy and become a daily companion because they are versatile and easy to care for, it fills me with pride.”

Are you doing this all by yourself?

“I focus on idea generation, design development and business management. In my studio in Frankfurt, I experiment with shapes and colors and make prototypes. The production of the ceramic pieces is done according to my shape and color specifications by hand in a small ceramics workshop in the Westerwald with natural raw materials from the region. The glazes are food safe and are fired in energy-saving gas ovens. So I use existing resources and know-how, have short transport routes and support German craftsmanship. In parallel with this main collection, I myself made a small, limited edition, studio version with the casting technique directly in my studio.

At no beige, we have a large selection from Marianne and Indre Ceramics. We have also been lucky enough to be able to negotiate her Studio Collection, which is produced in a very limited number - you will find all the beautiful and timeless products from Indre here