Creating a personal style in the interior of your home is about expressing your unique taste and creating a space that feels authentic and personal. Here are some tips to create a personal style in your home:

  1. Find your inspiration : Be inspired by different sources like magazines, blogs, social media and even nature and travel. Take notes on the colors, patterns, materials and styles that appeal to you the most.

  2. Define your style: Think about which style best reflects your personality and lifestyle. Are you into minimalist elegance, bohemian chic or perhaps a mix of different styles? Define your style and stick to it when decorating your home.

  3. Choose your colors: Colors play an important role in creating a personal style. Choose colors that reflect your personality and create the atmosphere you want in the room. Also consider adding color accents through accessories such as pillows, rugs or artwork.

  4. Create a personal gallery: Decorate your walls with artwork, photographs or posters that mean something to you. It can be pictures of your loved ones, favorite places or works of art that inspire you. A personal gallery adds a unique touch to your home.

  5. Mix furniture and styles: Create an interesting dynamic by mixing different furniture and styles. Combine modern and vintage, soft and hard surfaces, and create a space that feels varied and unique. Remember to create balance and harmony between the various elements.

  6. Insert personal items: Decorate with personal items that tell your story. It can be souvenirs from travels, heirlooms, or objects that remind you of special moments in your life. These items add a personal touch to your home.

  7. Create coziness and comfort: Prioritize coziness and comfort in your home. Decorated with soft textiles, comfortable furniture and lighting that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Create cozy corners where you can relax and feel at home.

Most importantly, listen to your own intuition and let your personal style shine through in your home. Make it your own space where you feel happy and comfortable. Decorate with love and care, and create a home that is a reflection of you.