The decoration of your holiday home must create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home - away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Bring in the nature around the cottage

Soft and comfortable textiles such as pillows and blankets can add warmth and comfort to your holiday home. Choose colors and patterns that reflect the nature around you, such as soft sand colors, fresh shades of sea blue or light green tones. These textiles invite relaxation and coziness on the sofa or on the terrace.

Natural elements such as wood and rattan can add a rustic and charming atmosphere to your holiday home. Consider furnishing with furniture or decorative items in these materials, e.g. a wooden table or a rattan lamp. They add a natural and organic feel to your space.

The cottage is a perfect place to display souvenirs or collected finds from beach trips and nature walks. Create a personal touch by displaying beach shells, driftwood or other natural finds on shelves or in glass containers. It will remind you of your adventures and add a unique touch to your holiday home.

Flowers and plants can bring life and freshness into your holiday home. Choose easy-care plants that thrive in the light that is available, such as succulents or herbs. A vase of fresh flowers can also add color and fragrance to your holiday home.

Posters on the walls

Finally, you can decorate the walls with poster art, photographs or graphic posters that reflect nature and the sea. It can be landscape paintings, pictures of sea views or posters with a summer atmosphere. These will add a visual focus and personal style to your cottage.

Whatever decorative elements you choose, it is important to create a decor that reflects your personal taste and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Turn your holiday home into a place where you can enjoy nature and relax in style.