Sunshine, a light breeze, cool dips in the sea and lazy afternoons spent in the shade of a parasol. What's not to love...? We all enjoy our beautiful planet we share and that's why we need to take care of it!

Biodegradable PVC pool

At SUNNYLiFE, they are now changing the way we think about the planet - home to our beloved oceans and beaches. So this season they launched their first biodegradable product. The Fiesta Mariposa Recycled Bio Pool is made from biodegradable PVC, a unique material that is designed to break down within 2-3 years and can be recycled at a commercial level. With a soft feel and high durability, biodegradable PVC is a win for the whole family and the planet!

As part of SUNNYLiFE's latest artist collaboration, the pool is decorated with original artwork from Sydney-based creative Daimon Downey. You shouldn't have to sacrifice the environment to enjoy the season's hottest trends - the Fiesta Mariposa Recycled Bio Pool is the perfect eco-friendly way to achieve your ultimate summer style!

You will find the Fiesta Pool here together with our other selected products from SUNNYLiFE.