How to sew a quilted quilt

A quilted quilt is not only a practical and warming item, but it can also be a work of art that expresses your personal style and creativity. By creating your own quilted quilt, you can play with colors, patterns and textures to create a unique and personal rug for your home. This step by step guide will help you get started and show you how to sew a quilted quilt.

To get started on this project, make sure you have the necessary materials on hand.

Materials you will need:

  • Fabric for the top of the rug (various colors and patterns of your choice)
  • Cotton wool (the thickness depends on the desired fullness in the carpet)
  • Fabric for the back of the rug
  • Sewing thread in matching colors
  • A sewing machine
  • Quilting pins or safety pins
  • A cutting mat
  • A cutting roller or fabric scissors
  • A ruler

In this guide, we will guide you through the process step by step, starting with the preparation. You will learn how to select and cut the fabric for the top of the rug in the desired size, and how to cut a piece of wadding and a piece of fabric for the backing in the same size. Then you will discover how to build the "sandwich layer" by placing the backing fabric down, the batting on top and the top fabric facing up, and how to fasten all three layers together using quilting pins or safety pins.

We will also guide you through the sewing of the blanket, where you will learn to sew along the desired quilt patterns using a sewing machine. You will discover how you can experiment with straight lines, curved lines or other patterns according to your personal taste. We will show you how to repeat the quilting pattern to complete the entire quilt.

Step by step guide:

  1. Preparation:

    • Select and cut the fabric for the top of the rug in the desired size. It can be a square, rectangle or any other pattern of your choice. Remember to add extra fabric for sewing seams.
    • Cut a piece of wadding and a piece of fabric for the back of the rug, both the same size as the top of the rug.
  2. The sandwich layer:

    • Lay the fabric for the back of the rug face down on a flat surface.
    • Place the batting on top of the backing fabric.
    • Lay the fabric for the top of the blanket face up on top of the batting. Make sure all layers are smooth and without creases or wrinkles.
  3. Fastening:

    • Use quilting pins or safety pins to pin all three layers together. You can either pin them along the edges or create temporary markings to help hold the layers in place while sewing.
  4. Sewing:

    • Begin in the center of the quilt and sew along lines or patterns you wish to quilt. You can sew straight lines, curved lines or other patterns of your choice.
    • Use a sewing machine and sew along the lines. Remember to ensure that all three layers are firmly attached during sewing.
    • Repeat the quilting pattern until the entire rug is quilted. You can choose to quilt the entire rug or just certain areas.
  5. Ending:

    • After quilting the entire blanket, you can trim excess fabric and batting along the edges to create an even edge.
    • Fold the edge of the backing fabric towards the front of the rug and sew it down using an invisible stitch or a decorative stitch to finish the edges.
  6. Washing and care:

    • After completion, you can wash and dry the rug according to the washing instructions for the materials used.

Be patient and creative during the process of sewing a quilted quilt. You can experiment with different colors, patterns and quilting patterns to create your personal and unique rug. Remember to enjoy the process and the finished result when you have created your own homemade quilt.