Taisho are design posters that draw inspiration from both Scandinavia and Japan. The name "Taisho" comes from the Japanese word for "contrast", reflecting their fascination with both the similarities and differences between the two cultures. Their works are created with a focus on good, analogue craftsmanship, such as paintings, hand-drawn illustrations and linoleum prints. They take pride in the timeless and artisanal work in an age that is often dominated by digital and simple lines.

Taisho always strives to provide the best quality materials and colors for their posters. All prints are designed by Ida and produced in collaboration with experienced suppliers. All colors are carefully tested and they use a 12-color plotter to ensure color depth and intensity. All posters are on the finest quality paper with a weight of 240 grams. At Taisho, they do not compromise on quality, and priority is given to investing in the highest color quality.

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