Is there a difference?

Until spring 2022, there was no difference between the folding boxes from Aykasa and HAY in terms of colors and sizes.

A bit of history

Aykasa was designed in 2007, and was originally made for restaurants, harvesting vegetables and for the food industry - hence the food-safe plastic type and the strong quality, which is not matched by other boxes on the market today.

The boxes are also perfect for many other purposes - and were therefore presented at the Formland fair in the summer of 2018.

Later that year, HAY Aykasa added the folding crates to their range under the name 'colour crates' . They are produced by Aykasa at the exact same Aykasa production facility in Turkey. The two products - the HAY 'colour crates' and the Aykasa folding box - are exactly the same, with one small difference: the Aykasa boxes produced for HAY were without the Aykasa logo on the box.

To summarize: The (now discontinued) HAY color boxes and the Aykasa boxes are the exact same product (colors, sizes, etc.), both made by Aykasa.

The new HAY folding box

In spring 2022, HAY launched a new version of the folding box - still called 'colour crates'. The differences between these and Aykasa are:

  • the new HAY boxes are made in China
  • the new HAY boxes are not food approved
  • the new HAY boxes come in smaller dimensions

This means that the newly released HAY color box does not fit in the sizes of the original Aykasa folding boxes.

So if you have bought HAY 'colour crates' from 2018 to the end of 2021, and would like more in matching colors and sizes, then it is the original folding crates from Aykasa that you should buy.

We hope you learned a lot about the differences - you can find the original Aykasa folding boxes right here